Restoring Lifelong Metabolic Health with Evidence-Based Solutions

Polyvalent Medicine for Metabolic Health

ES-TriGUARD™ is regulated under the Medicines Act (MAHP Permit No: 1100119; 1100194). Listed in the Master Index of Medical Specialties (MIMS Therapeutic Class 11g: Other Agents Affecting Metabolism) and ATC (WHO) Classification: A13.

ES-TriGUARD™ is the world's 1st in its class – polyvalent (pleiotropic) medicine that addresses the metabolic syndrome at multiple levels, and through multiple mechanisms-of-action, including selective nuclear transcription factors modulation.

The clinical efficacy and safety of ES-TriGUARD™ have been researched, peer-reviewed and published in multiple European and USA medical journals – AFIHT 2009; JDM, 2011 and EMS, 2011.

ES-TriGUARD™ can be used for:

  • For healthy blood sugar metabolism. May also be used concurrently with anti-diabetic medications (please consult your family physician for more information or call our helpline: +65 6338 3385)

ES-TriGUARD™ protects your pancreatic beta-cells, the only source of insulin in the human body.

Insulin is the key hormone responsible for regulating blood sugars.

  • For protection of pancreatic beta-cells from inflammation and degeneration

  • For balanced lipid profile (HDL-cholesterol, LDLcholesterol, Total Cholesterols and Total Triglycerides)

  • For reducing the TC/HDL-c ratio. This ratio of Total Cholesterols versus HDL-cholesterol is an established clinical marker for atherosclerosis (formation of plaques in blood vessels) risk.

ES-TriGUARD™ protects your blood vessels from inflammation, sugar and cholesterol damage.


ES-TriGUARD™ is available nation-wide through family clinics and selected community pharmacies. Click here for more details

MIMS - Monthly Index of Medical Specialties
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Important: For any medical condition, it is absolutely essential to seek treatment from your physician or pharmacist, because combination use with prescription medicine(s) may be required. Never rely on self-care or self-medication alone. Although there is no medication in the world that can replace good sleep, balanced diet, right behavioriet and daily stroll lasting 45 - 60 mins, however, lifestyle changes alone cannot replace medicines for specific healthcare conditions when required.

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