Restoring Lifelong Metabolic Health with Evidence-Based Solutions


EuphoMAX™ healthy behaviorietary sweetener is ideal for coffee, tea, cereal, cake, cookie, jelly; making of confectionery and desserts in general.

Fully tested - Perfect for use in cooking and high temperature baking too.

No sugars, no calories, no sugar substitutes with scientific evidence of health risks = No worries!

  • Zero glycaemic index (GI)

  • Zero glycaemic load (GL)


  • NO fructose (fruit sugar)
  • NO maltose (sugar)
  • NO glucose (simple sugar)

  • NO sucrose (table sugar/white sugar)

  • NO dextrose (glucose/simple sugar)

  • NO lactose (milk sugar)

  • NO maltodextrin (sugar-starch)

  • NO sorbitol (polyol with calories)

  • NO maltitol (polyol with calories)

  • NO xylitol (polyol with calories)


  • NO saccharin

  • NO cyclamate

  • NO aspartame

  • NO acesulfame K
  • NO steviol glycosides

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