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Our Partners


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Exclusive Healthcare Co-operative Partnership with the National Trades Union Congress.

NTUC Health is the largest healthcare cooperative in Singapore.


Camden Medical Centre
1 Orchard Boulevard
#01-04, Tel: 6887 3456

Green Apple Pharmacy

Valley Point
1 Orchard Boulevard
#01-04, Tel: 6887 3456

Orchard Pharmacy

Orchard Towers
400 Orchard Rd
#03-24, Tel: 6737 1170

Alchemy Pharmacy

Loyang Point
258 Pasir Ris St 21
#01-319, Tel: 6582 8646

Tong Keng Hong Drugstore

The Arcade
11 Collyer Quay
#01-21, Tel: 6220 0061

Vertex Pharmacy

1112 Serangoon Gardens, Tel: 6396 6423

Authorised Family & Specialist Clinics Distributor:

Alcare Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd

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Alcare Pharmaceutical website

Benefits and advantages

A long term collaboration based on trust, commitment and full technical support from us. Exclusive distributor rights in your country/countries-of-choice are possible. Benefits of tapping into de novo evidence-based healthcare solutions that are internationally peer-reviewed and proven.

Proven track record

Our pioneering expertise in restorative metabolic healthcare and molecular medicine also means that we have innovative, safe and clinically effective solutions. Contact us for details.